Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Heartaches Pilot storyboards


Curly reaches into one of his many stitched up holes.

He pulls out, of all things, a revolver...

It looks like this may be it!

BANG!! Moldy fuzz and stuffing goes everywhere, oh the humanity!

The blast wakes a neighborhood mail box.

He looks to see what all the noise is about in time to see Curly Fuzz slump lifeless to pavement.


He uses his magical and oft-unseen arm to wake his friend the telephone pole.

Pole isn't happy to be woken from his dormancy.
"Isn't he that missing fuzz character?"

Pole thinks his nervous friend may be right.

"that's just the way Tia's phone described him to me!"

Mail box notices a notice

"It is him! Lost is says!"

"Don't just do something, help him!"

"I can't, my feet are bolted"

"Well, then there's only one solution"

His face slides upwards.

He slides himself right up to the top of the pole where the telephone wires and cables are.

He takes a deep breath...

And gives a mighty push

 It takes a lot out of him to send a message through the phone lines.

The power lines surge with energy, one last push should do it...

Hes done it, he sighs in relief

He watches, his message is on the way

That's all I got done for now. Storyboarding is a lot more difficult than practicing principles in abstract poses. Doing a whole bunch of drawings that have to have context in a story is really time consuming.

I had more planned, the inanimate brigade are searching for Curly at the junkyard when the phone receives a call from telephone pole man. Maybe I'll do some more later. Phew! Glad that's done.

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  1. Those are some good gags you added there

    one suggestion:

    make sure we know where the dog is in relation to the mailbox and pole

    when he drops into the scene, maybe we should see his head in the frame

    then when they look at him we feel the connection better

    are you going to Taafi? tell me in the comments on my blog

    thanks! good stuff